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squad_two's Journal
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Monday, January 12th, 2004
11:31 am
Attn: Squad Two
Squad Two,

Any recruits that are still active in Squad One will be joining you for the rest of the challenge. Please welcome them.
Sunday, January 11th, 2004
3:31 pm
Name: Marelli Gallagher
Written assignment: SATURDAYS:
This recruits two chatracter traits that thinks will help in gerneal with life are her assertiveness and her stregngth. This recruit has a really shitty BF that taught her alot about herself and what she was willing to do in order to live.

This recruit believes in A god, but not a specific one, This recruit thinks that life is too good and this earth is too beautiful that something of a higher power MUST have created it. So yes this recruit believes in God but not religion. Confused..
Chow: YUP
Saturday-Eggwhite spinach Omletee(115)
Seabass w/ garlic(150)
Eggwhite Spinach Omlette(115)
2 Nips-60
Tofu and Vegatables(230)
PT: This rectuit completed her PT for Saturday and sunday,
SATURDAY_60 minutes of elipitical trainer
45 minutes weight training
SUNDAY-60 minutes eliptical trainer, and 60 minutes bike, (this recruit went over for her PT on sunday,sorry)
Hydration: Yes
Vitamin: Yes
Additional notes: Hope everyone is welll!!

Current Mood: confused
2:58 pm
Challenge for Monday - Wednesday
Recruits have until Tuesday morning to get their reports in for the Weekend Challenge. Points will then be tallied and all squads will find out how many points they earned, how the other squads did, and where they rank.

This challenge will work the same way.

Written work: How do you feel you and your squad did with the Weekend Challenge? What helped you? What didn't help you? How will that affect how you succeed in this challenge?
PT: 120 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work

Written work: Feeling depressed, sorry for yourself, and guilty are typically negative emotions that only fuel negative behavior. It's important to stay positive, even in the worst of situations. How can you stay positive and keep a good attitude while losing weight, as opposed to feeling bad for having some weight to lose?
PT: 60 minutes toning, 60 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work

Written work: Today is the last day of Phase I. How do you feel about your bootcamp lifestyle so far? Are you ready for the rest of it? How can you better prepare? What advice would you give to a struggling recruit?
PT: 120 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work
Saturday, January 10th, 2004
3:39 pm
This reqruit has decided that it'd be best to leave bootcamp for the time being. Issues need to be dealt with that have priority over weight loss.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you all higher ranked when I come back.

Think thin
4:41 pm
checking in...

Hello. This recruit needs to make a confession...

due to the inability to fulfill the requirement of 120 minutes of cardio on friday, she has devised a plan to make up her lack of input.

In order to get where everybody else is, this recruit has done 20 mins stretching/90 mins cardio today. Tomorrow, which is supposed to be the day off, this recruit proposes another 90 minutes of cardio with 45 mins of sculpting/toning.

This will total the amount of mins of requirement from friday and saturday. This recruit has been staying within her chow plan max(500), as well as drinking the requored amount of water each day, as well as taking her vitamins each day, so far.

This recruit feel very badly that she wasn't able to complete 120 mins on friday, and assures that it will never happen again.  

Friday, January 9th, 2004
5:39 pm
Hey just checkin in.
Workout-60 Minutes eliptical Trainer
60 Minutes dancing
20 minutes stretchin- Feelingg goood baby!

English Muffin(170)
Smoked salmon (80)
1/4 cup of rice (150)
sliver of Chicken (40)

Written work: The one thing that i find really thinspiriring is Britney SPears! haha yea i am retarded but i really do. Britney has made me want to be skinny since she lost all the weigh at the 2001 MTV VMAS. She has rock hard abs, tiny thighs, and a perfect ass. She used to be my all time inspiration. Yet she has gotten fat, so now i have moved on to Models, like Kate Moss, butt i still hold a little bit of my heart for britney.

This recruit hopes everyone is doing well!

Current Mood: blah
2:44 pm
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to back out this month. The gym is absolutely swamped with New Years Resolutioners and it's -40 degrees outside, so I do not plan on doing any outside exercises unless frostbite and hypothermia is my goal. It's not. There's no way I can even get a machine now. They're all booked for three straight hours. I'm going to have to wait the droves out. I'm deeply sorry.
10:44 am
"The dancer's body is the most luminous manifestation of the soul."

This quote far surpasses the power of any other thinsperation for this recruit. With an avid interest and passion for dance, this quote is especially inspiring because it embodies anyone's opinion of what the perfect shape or body image is. For this recruit, it is long lean muscles, thin but thin with a purpose; strong, not vulnerable, handing over the body entirely to serve the art form. An ultimate sacrifice for what one loves. This recruit may enjoy how chocolate tastes, but LOVES the feeling of full extention, incredible flexibility and flawless performance in front of a packed audience. In the case of this recruit, a true love of dance and a true respect of oneself and one's talents MUST be reflected in the body. This is this recruit's goal, but also a positive statement that invokes great hope and clarity to press through the hard times. The payoff will be sweet.


Current Mood: pensive
Thursday, January 8th, 2004
11:37 pm
Horrific Day Two
Oh, the confusion.

First of all this recruit would like the fellow recruits to be made aware of the modified conditions this recruit has been ordered to undergo until health has been restored. As per Squad Leader's request, exercise will be reduced starting tomorrow. This recruit already completed the exercise requirements for the day: 60 minutes of 2 dance classes, 30 minutes aerobic workout, 30 minutes strength training. Beginning tomorrow exercise MUST be reduced to ensure good health.

On a similar note, this recruit's doctor has strongly recommended a calorie count higher than six or seven hundred a day, as nutritional requirements are also not being met. This recruit will be departing for a five month backpacking expedition in New Zealand and Australia in February and it is IMPERATIVE that proper nutrition be maintain. Calcium supplements are increased to two large tablets a day, echinecia was recommended 3 times a day 2 pills each, penicillin and a puffer to treat asthma.

This recruit feels like a completely weak loser. And not in a cute bootcamp way.

This recruit would like to focus on one main aspect of the military lifestyle to bring her into tomorrow, a core value that will hopefully instill hope as well as discipline. This recruit needs courage. The courage to stop wallowing in self-pity; to stop indulging in foods that this recruit knows only bring about sadness. This recruit must swallow all pride, follow doctors orders, and sit tight until this recruit is healthy enough to have a straight mind.

Still, this recruit wishes to pursue the challenge and feels that deep down inside, that flame still burns. Girls, this recruit is calling into the teamwork aspects of the core values hardcore right now. This recruit is in need of some inspiration. Prove to this recruit that limits are only in the mind; that even across miles and screens it is possible for a small section of girls from across the globe to band together in something so strong.

This recruit would like to close with one more doctor comment: the throat infection being treated by penicillin is caused by self-induced vomiting. Stick to your chow plans as purging is not the answer. If this recruit can move beyong bulimia, this recruit can conquer binge eating.

Well, girls, best of luck.

Until tomorrow,

Current Mood: drained
8:04 pm
Name: Reqruit Katie
Written work: This reqruit is unclear as to whether "discussing" USMC values in civilian life is to be written here, or whether it is something to go over with other reqruits. If it's the former, this reqruit will get right to it. If it's the latter, I'll hunt one of you down on AIM tonight.
Chow: yes (This reqruit was just 5 calories below her limit... jeez. That's the most this week)
PT: yes. 30 minute yoga class, 90 minutes jogging with Lulu (this reqruit's in-person workout buddy is her ex-step sister, who is about the same weight. Reqruits/squad leaders will probably hear her name often enough.)
Hydration: yes
Vitamin: yes
Additional notes: If any other reqruits need any help, motivation, or anything else, feel free to ask: evilriot on aim, bleedana@yahoo.com

Current Mood: determined
10:55 pm
no liquid fast....with fuckin bootcamp requirements theres no way i can do this fast...what im going to do tomorrow is:

breakfast:180 cal(veg. chicken salad)
lunch:20 cal(diet snapple)
dinner:220(V8 Splash)

okay, jk that was mad corny...

if i do do the 120 min cardio tom i need to either wakeup really early or miss fkin first period, cause thats the ONLY time ill be able to workout.
this recruit has completed the 90 minutes of cardio today(aerobox)
along with 15 mins abs, and 15 mins bun/thighs.
if anybody has ANY suggestions on how to squeeze in cardio tom, please let me know~thankyou.
8:57 pm
checking in-
Hello girlies
This recruit has completely completed her PT for the day, yay!
30 minutes-Eliptical Trainer (360 calories burnt)
60 minutes-Aerobics/Kickboxing class
30 minutes- Abs thighs and back weight toning.

It feels SOO amazing do to all of that PT. This recruit feels amazing right now and is in extremely high spirits, fuck college. Ha ha.

Also, calories consumed today
TOTAL:170+60+90= 320.

Have a wonderful night.

Current Mood: accomplished
2:51 pm
hey ladies,
this recruit completed her IST test, here are the results
1.5 mile run-14 minutes 45 seconds.
49 Curls ups
and 19 second for the arm hang, this recruit hopes that she passed the test completely.

Chow for january 7th-
Eggwhite Spinach omlette (115)
Carrots sticks (50)
1/2 can of Prgessso Soup (80)
8 glasses of water, over 64 FL oz.

Chow for january 8th (so far)
English Muffin with Jelly (170)
Apple (60)
This recruit plans on having a light and Fit yogurt for dinner and nothing else (90)
Coffee (7)

Both days this recruit took a multimineral and a mutlivitamin. Also, taking a class for 60 minutes of cardio then doig the eliptical trainer for an additional 30 minutes around 6:30 pm. Also 15 minutes Abs classes as well as free weights for 15. This has not been completed yet but this recruit will update when it has been completely approximately around 9pm this evening.

This recruit had a horrible night last night, found out that she didnt get into her first choice school for college but that just motivates her even more to work harder, beucase CLEARLY she justinst good enough.

Refuse to fail, think thin.

Current Mood: bored
1:47 pm
Weekend Squad-on-Squad Challenge!
Friday starts a squad-on-squad challenge. The Challenge will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When a recruit:
Completes the assigned written work, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

Sticks to her chow plan, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

Completes the PT, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

Drinks at least 64 ounces of water, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

Takes her vitamins, she EARNS one point for the squad
When she does not, she LOSES two points for the squad

At the discretion of your Squad Leader and myself, we may award or deduct additional points based on the following:

Up to five points per squad per day can be EARNED when outstanding character and/or teamwork are displayed.

Up to ten points per squad per day can be LOST for failure to follow orders, failure to employ the Minus Me concept, or disrespect towards a Squad Leader, myself, or fellow recruit.

Written Work – Find something or someone motivational or inspirational that will help you succeed with this challenge. Share it with the squad by either using a link or describing that person or thing. Explain how and why that person or thing motivates and/or inspires you.

PT – 120 minutes cardio; 20 minutes stretching. If you did not pass the run portion of the IST it is recommended that you go for at least a 1.5 mile run.

Written work – What are two traits AND one experience you’ve had that will help you to succeed in this challenge, not only in bootcamp, but in life in general. How will they help you?

PT – 60 minutes cardio; 45 minutes weights/toning; 20 minutes stretching. If you did not pass the run portion of the IST it is recommended that you run six ¼ mile sprints. If possible, a 1.5 mile run would also be advisable. If you did not pass the pushups/FAH and/or curlup portion of the IST, it’s recommended that you work on those areas during the weights/toning portion of the workout.

Written work – Sunday is a day of rest in the military. People don’t stop working, but they tend to slow down unless they’re in the field or deployed. Do you believe in God or any other superior force? What about religion? Why or why not? No answer is right or wrong, and no answer will be ridiculed. This is simply an exercise to offer new trains of thought to one another.

PT – 30 minutes choice

Please fill out the following form for your daily reports to make tracking points easier:

Name: (Recruit Name)
Written assignment: (insert your response to “written work” here, but remember to use Minus Me)
Chow: (Yes/No – Did you stick to it?)
PT: (Yes/No – Did you perform the workout specified, or the variation approved/ordered for you?)
Hydration: (Yes/No – Did you drink at least 64 ounces of water?)
Vitamin: (Yes/No – Did you take your vitamin(s)?)
Additional notes: (insert anything you’d like to add about the above or your day)
Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
11:27 pm
First Day
Good evening girls! Hope your first days were all successes.

First of all, a question for our Squad Leader: Are diet pills allowed? This recruit has worked MetaSlim into this recruit's chow plan. Chow plan is as follows (more definite than in previous post, which was a vague outline)


700 calories a day or less
64 oz (2L) of water a day or more
Dessert food once a day only, even if there is room for it in the caloric allowance.

Tea and water before the first dance class of the day; coffee and water at break 10:30-11:30. Water at second dance class of day. Diet soda at "lunch" 13:00-14:00. Green tea after school, water before dinner. Dinner is unavoidable at this station due to parental concerns. 1 glass of H2O before dinner, 1 during, and 1 after, followed by green tea to aid digestion. Dessert must follow meal so as to avoid craving later.

This recruit keeps a binge-safe "munchie box" in the fridge full of sugar free candies and low calorie vegetables. If this recruit fails to follow the chow plan, or is sick or weak, the munchie box is the only safe place to eat from. And yes, these calories count. This recruit keeps obsessive track of calories with an account at fitday.

This recruit takes one MetaSlim Weight Loss Formula pill first thing, and for the next ten days several prescribed drugs (see below), and a MetaSlim Carb and Fat blocker pill before eating the largest meal of the day (a maximum of 2 a day).

Also, this recruit will do one workout tape after digestion has begun after dinner or the largest meal of the day to kickstart metabolism. This recruit will add this on top of the required fitness challenges of the day because this recruit has some serious weight to lose.

This recruit has read the Recruit's Knowledge Book.

1.5 mile run: 14 minutes 20 seconds before my watch froze. Yes, ma'am, my watch froze. I live in Canada and my area is presently in the throes of a snowstorm. If this is unacceptable, this recruit will repeat the challenge as soon as the roads are salted/plowed.
Curl-ups: 42 in 2 minutes.
Pushups: 27, 1 minute 32 seconds before assuming the egg pose in yoga, thereby stopping the momentum of the exercise.

Squad Leader, this recruit feels as though the best has not necessarily been met today, and without making excuses this recruit would like to note that this recruit is suffering from strep throat and a sinus infection. As previously stated, this recruit would gladly make up the IST if the numbers are unacceptable.

This recruit would like to make it known to the Squad Leader and sisters, the fellow recruits, that this recruit will be travelling a fair bit in the near future. However, strict record is kept in a notebook and this recuit will post whenever humanly possible.

Thanks for your guidance thus far, it's only day one but I feel the challenge and see the payoff in sight. Good luck girls, we can do it.

Much love,

Current Mood: determined
6:33 pm
This reqruit would like to let our squad leader know that my entries may be late from time to time seeing as how it's schooltime and whatnot, but this reqruit logs EVERYTHING in a notebook and it will always be reported.

Chow plan:
Breakfast: No more than two cups of coffee (black), one egg white (not much of a breakfast person, but this reqruit is willing to try something a bit healthier what with all the exercise)
Lunch: an orange or apple (yeah, not much of a lunch person either, for that matter)
Dinner: NO MORE than ONE serving of NO MORE than three courses (whatever is made at home), and a glass of orange juice.

This reqruit will be taking two Tums Bone Health and one multivitamin every morning. The orange at lunch and OJ with dinner is to make up for the Vitamin C not being taken (we don't have any here).

And now..... it looks like this reqruit is the first one to report her IST scores....
1.5 mile run: 13 min, 24 sec.
92 curl-ups in two minutes
6 push ups (oh yeah. No arm muscle what.so.ever.)

I hope all you ladies are doing good so far.
Go ahead and hit me up on aim, I'm evilriot

Think thin
4:30 pm
the cal plan
hey sorry i didnt post yesterday...
for three days starting tom im doing a complete fast for several reasons which are essential to my overall performance in bootcamp...thurs, fri, and sat will be no food.
starting sunday its just 500 cals...does anyone know if this exceeds the max. requirement for bootcaamp?? holla acha girl....


Current Mood: FAT
11:00 am
Day One

Welcome to Bootcamp! Welcome to the journey of breaking down false barriers. From here on out, you will be challenged. You will be pushed. You will learn that pain is weakness leaving the body!

However, you don't embark on this adventure alone. You're amongst a squad. Teamwork! Know it! Practice it! You'll need it! No one gets through this alone. You need to motivate and inspire your squadmate to stick to it for "just one more day" because tomorrow you may need the same.

You also have a dedicated Squad Leader that's here to push you and teach you to push yourself. If you pay attention, maybe, just maybe, you'll learn something along the way.

In addition, I'm here. At this time I will formally introduce myself:
My name is Jessica L. Jacobson, 2d Lt. Jacobson or ma'am to you. I am the creator of bootcamp and oversee its progress. This is the first bootcamp cycle, but I know it can, and will, be a success. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, be they bootcamp related or not, don't hesitate to contact me. My e-mail address is ReignFreedom@msn.com and my screen name on AIM is goldnscarlet.

A point I believe I have neglected to bring up is custom and courtest when speaking with seniors. Your Squad Leader and I are here for you, but we are not your contemporaries at this time. Address YOUR Squad Leader as Squad Leader Name or ma'am. Address OTHER Squad Leaders as ma'am only. We're not stuck up pricks. If you'd like to speak with any of us, simply ask permission to speak freely, don't forget the Minus Me concept, and much more often than not we'll gladly grant it. As we are to treat you with respect, you are to reciprocate that.

Good luck, recruits. I can't wait to welcome you into the sisterhood of MMs!
10:27 pm
Okay, shit, i think I'm out already, for this month at least. I can't promise that I will eat every 48 hours for the rest of the month. in fact, I intend not to eat every 48 hours. I'l' have to enroll for next month.

Current Mood: cranky
1:01 am
My name is Susan and I'm 17. I'm currently a first yr univ. student and I'm pre-med with the hopes of being a gynecologist one day.

5'3, 5'4
STG-I have no idea what this is
LTG-See above

I'm thinking they mean some kind of goal. Starting _ goal? My goal is to weigh 100 lbs again by April so I can wear my summer dresses once more and twirl.
I'm also going on a liquid fast starting tomorrow until Saturday. Wish me luck!

Current Mood: tired
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